Summer lovin’

Even though it isn’t technically summer yet, this is the part of summer that I love the most.  Not that we usually get any summer quite like this, but for most of the country, this would be summer weather.  Watermelons are ripening, which for some reason this year has excited me tremendously.  I didn’t used to care much for watermelon, being content to eat a slice on the 4th of July for tradition’s sake, but never much more than that.

This year, however, as soon as I saw the first watermelon in the store, I wanted one.  Perhaps more importantly, my dogs wanted one.  They are melon eaters, through and through, with an occasional foray into squashes and green beans.  Oh, sure, they like their meat, but they would probably choose watermelon over steak.  Maybe.

It is a bit difficult to take a picture of a dog as they run off with their prizes.  Especially when their head is in the cone of shame because they won’t leave their stitches alone.

The summer feeling goes beyond watermelons, though.  There is the wonderful late evening light, which you can see in these shots taken at about 7 PM.


And then there is my little salsa garden.  I may have no idea when the garlic and onions will be done, but I can see that the tomatoes are forming nicely, as are my jalapenos.  I am pretty sure that those tiny bumps are the beginnings of some bell peppers, and if they are not, the flowers indicate that there will be some in a little while.

So, tonight, I will be sitting back, eating watermelon and drinking a mojito made from my own mint, pretending that this is summer (and no, that cat has nothing to do with anything except that I liked the shot).


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