Shadow quest

Every once in a while I set out to take photos of shadows, just shadows, and nothing but shadows.  Usually I get sidetracked by flowers or houses or a train, but today, I managed to stay on topic, mostly.  Enough that I can share my results with you, dear reader. Shadows are such transient things, changing from minute to minute with the intensity of the light or the movement of the wind.  There were a few clouds in the sky (not at all the rain we were promised for every day this week), so many times, I would see something, set up to click away, and the sun would disappear.  Or I would be walking along seeing nothing interesting, and suddenly the sun would pop out and there, on the sidewalk right in front of me, would be a gate. ***** Of course, the most Floridian shadows would be the ones of the palm trees.  They are also some of my favorites, as they are so recognizable, yet abstracted in shadow form.  I guess they are kind of like that in their true form as well. Then again, the lacy patterns of the deciduous trees on the different surfaces of houses are so appealing.  They seem like promises to me, but promises of memories rather than of things to come.  I suppose such shadows appear on houses in the north as well, but there is something eternally southern in the way they feel to me, as if they whisper of iced tea on a porch on a sunny spring day. The surface the shadow falls on can change the whole story.  A branch silhouetted on a picket fence is deeper and more intriguing than it might be on a plain white surface, while a spray of grass on red has a grace and beauty that would not be evident on a textured black background. The geometry of a fence is changed in a shadow, with undulations from both fence and surface exaggerated, and punctuated by the length of a sign that changes the rhythm completely.  The differing planes of picket, plank, and sign are obliterated to become one as they are projected onto the street. But of course, you, my faithful reader, knew I could not completely ignore the unshadows of the world.  I would hardly be human if I could ignore this shot, now would I?


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