Bird on a wire

With all the large, beautiful, and exotic birds around Florida, it’s a bit surprising that the state bird is the very common mockingbird.  This one was trilling out a string of different calls, “Vireo, vireo. Teakettle, teakettle, teakettle.  Cheater, cheater, cheater . . . ” one after the other as he watched me from his safe perch on the wire above.  He certainly earned his name!

A few steps further and I came across this very small bird.  She (I’m pretty sure it was a she because of her coloring) sat silent, and only fluttered up once as I was trying to capture her without too much backlighting.  She seems to be a rufous hummingbird, although I would certainly not go writing any bird books based on my say-so.  I had thought that hummingbirds were always moving, but apparently they do perch.

When she fluttered up, it was obvious that she was a hummingbird.

This little one seems to be a Northern Parula, according to Wikipedia’s Birds of Florida page, which is a type of warbler.  It may not be on a wire, but it is in keeping with the bird theme, right?  The coloring is beautiful, with blue wings and head and a yellow throat.  While I wish I could claim I captured these birds today because I’ve gotten so much quicker on the draw, really, they just seem to have slowed down a lot.



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