Flowers, flowers everywhere


Beautiful fields of flowers on vacant lots make my heart sing with joy.  Pink phlox (I think) make up the majority of the flowers, but yellow ones abound as well, with white and purple mixed in small doses.

Early in the morning, the flowers turn to face the sun as it rises to warm the grass and burn away the dew that glistens in this new light.  Sunshine turns the fields to gold.


With this field of flowers as a subject, when my lens fogged up (scaring me terribly, but it seems to have cleared up), I continued shooting, hoping for some nice effects.  Raspberries glow softly in the fog, as if in a dream and the fog encircles the field, giving it a pictorial quality.  This is not my favorite effect, but it is kind of pretty.

After months of sticking flowers into my blog and not knowing quite what they are, I think it may be time for me to purchase a field guide to Florida flowers.  Does anyone have one that they recommend?


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