Living on the edge

One of the things that always amazes me in Florida is the ability of nature to take over the smallest, most mundane places and turn them beautiful.  Today I was in a parking lot, waiting for my son, and I noticed this swampy area by the parking lot.  It was only about 15′ deep, but it was grown up into a wonderful mixture of plants that were obviously being used to house birds and other small creatures.

And some not so small creatures, such as a hawk soaring over the scene, just to land in a tree on the edge of the parking lot.

The juxtaposition of man-made objects with the wildness of the space made it all the more appealing.  Of course, birds do use what man has made; we see it all the time in the birds sitting on wires along the roads.  We sometimes forget that animals and nature are just as adaptable as we are to new additions to habitats, but perhaps we should pay more attention to these things.  When we put all the wires and cables underground, where will the birds sit?


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