It’s raining, it’s pouring!

As much as I love storms and lightning and thunder, I really never expected to be this happy over an ordinary rain.  It’s been raining now for hours, and while it’s lightened up a bit, it is still raining nicely.  That means that it has rained enough to actually soak into the ground a bit.  Of course, what this means to you, my faithful reader, is that I did not seek out any exotic locale, but stayed within my neighborhood yet again.  So perhaps that means, it’s raining, I’m boring, but I hope you can appreciate some of the beauty of the rain.


There is something about rain that makes everything look just a little more beautiful.  The light is softened in all the right ways, giving full saturation while limiting shadows.  The droplets don’t hurt a bit, either.

My cedar tree has nice new berries on it, which are exactly the color I want to paint my house when I get around to that project.  I’m not sure how I’ll get that paint mixed right, since the berries are a bit too small for the color reader to pick up on, but maybe I can just carry them around in my pocket and match them to the millions of paint samples that might be close.


Down at the lake, an anhinga was sitting at the very top of a tree, looking like she was enjoying the rain as much as I was, while across the lake, by the other dock, the mist was rolling in.  All around me were leaves, dripping with water, looking greener than ever.

Yeah, I know this sign has popped up in several posts lately, but there’s something about it I really love.  After all, my homeowners fees helped pay for it, and I think it was nicely done.  It looks so vibrant in the rain, and the drops along the bottom make me happy.   Sometimes it’s the littlest things in life.

And then there was this, this beautiful, delicate, barely-there web in the corner of the dock.


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