Promises, promises

The sky darkened over the lake today, accompanied by wind and distant rumbles of thunder.  Blissfully cooler air moved in (any drop from 95 is blissful), and the trees prepared themselves for rain, turning up their leaves to reveal their silvery backs.  The birds had taken cover, hiding instead of flitting about or sunning themselves as they usually do at this hour.  Everything seemed ready for the rain we so dreadfully need, but hours later, it still has not come.

While the lake is usually around 17 feet deep right by the shore, today the depth gauge showed that it came up to only about 14 feet.  That is a lot of water missing from this lake.  You may be getting a bit bored of hearing about the dry conditions, but in Florida, it’s a pretty huge deal when we go days without rain, let alone weeks.



The good news is, flowers are following through on their promises and blooming with or without the rain.  I was enjoying the smell of these gorgeous gardenias when I heard a small meow, and looked down to see this little cutie.  My dog Sadie doesn’t think he’s so cute; she tries to chase him almost every night, but this is the first time I really saw him.

This vine-covered fence speaks to me of promises of lush gardens hidden within.  I’ve never peeked over it, but judging from the front yard, this is probably a promise well kept.


Even the construction equipment that has been brought in seems to speak of promises.  Another phase of our neighborhood, which has been established for nearly 25 years, is set to be built.  Whispered promises of new neighbors are just the beginning of what I hear from these machines, for building to me is a promise that there are jobs to be found in new construction.


These promises may be a long time in the making, as it seems that the development is not moving as quickly as it might.  The machines seem to be silent more often than not, and the concrete pipes that were brought in months ago have stood in the same place ever since.  The crew seems quite small for the amount of work to be done.  But still, I am drawn to the promises of these machines.


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