Mimosas at sunset


For days I have been planning to do a post on the gorgeous mimosa trees around here, but they never seem to be quite where I am.  I pass them by as I’m driving, but usually they are in front of someone’s house, or on the side of a busy road.  This evening, after everything was closed down, I saw one and turned in to the nearest parking lot.  The sky was beautiful, with cotton candy clouds floating on a blue field.


Even more beautiful, however, were the blooming mimosas.  I love these flowers that look like fireworks bursting on a tree.  They can make any place look like paradise, even a parking lot overlooking an office building next to one of Gainesville’s busiest roadways.


The flowers aren’t all that’s special on a mimosa tree.  The leaves are sensitive to both light and touch, and will fold up at night or when stroked.  In this case, it is because of the setting sun.  During the day, the leaves are wide open and fernlike.  Altogether, this is a gorgeous plant.  Perhaps someday soon, I’ll find a place for one in my yard.


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