How does your garden grow?


My little gardens are doing so nicely, especially my Mojito+ garden.  The mint is growing so nicely that I will never have to buy a stupid plastic package of mint again.  The flowers are thriving, although I wish I had planted about three times as many.   Even my lime tree seems to like living here, although a lack of flowers indicates that I still have to buy my limes.

When my sister told me that marigolds won’t spread, I went out and bought a few more so it wouldn’t look so sparse.  This is one of the new ones, which are big and puffy instead of little and ruffly.  It’s nice to have both kinds, I think. I’m also trying to start some from seed, but I’m using old seeds and I keep forgetting to water them, so that’s not likely to end well.

Dianthus will definitely be on my list next year (can I really be planning for a next year?).  I love the colors and the pinked edges, and I would have added more of this, too, except that they always seem to be out of it when I look.

And have you ever seen such gorgeous petunias?  It was early evening when I took these, so they were starting to close up some.  But the colors are so wonderfully crisp!

Around back, in my little salsa garden, the tomatoes are starting to bloom!  Is there anything more exciting in gardening than seeing those first flowers?  I love them!

The garlic has sprouted nicely, but I have found out that I should have planted clove by clove rather than sticking the whole head in the ground.  We’ll see how that turns out.  I also have onions popping up, and cilantro, but more than anything else, it looks like I have weeds.  I’m trying to work on that, but I have found that there is a lot I don’t know about gardening.  Like where to put one.  It really is best not to have to step on your plants to turn the hose on.  And those nice neat rows I didn’t bother with?  Well, they sure would be nice now when the weeds are trying to take over and I have to squeeze between cages and plants and a little fence to pull them out.


Fortunately, the plants themselves don’t seem to care that I didn’t make nice rows.  My Mexican sage that I transplanted from the front that I thought was dead when I stuck it in the ground seems to be doing very well.  It isn’t really dead at all.  The peppers are growing, although not flowering.  That should happen soon, though, right?


8 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. The marigold picture is really cool….So pretty…..And the pepper flowering part….I don’t know. Sorry I don’t know why I mentioned that if I don’t know. Sorry. >__<

  2. I love the petunias’ colour!
    I think you’d made a post about starting the garden before? I am not sure, but I’m loving how it’s turning out. It’s alright to have a plan for next year, of course 🙂 you can learn from the mistakes you are making now, so next year’s garden will be even prettier!
    Good luck, and keep the photos coming!

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