Make way for ducklings! (and goslings, too)

When we first visited Gainesville to see if it were somewhere I could spend four years while in school, we stayed in a hotel near I-75 and Newberry Road.  It was a short walk to this little pond, which was full of ducks.

So, when I had an hour to spend in the area, I went over to that same pond to wander around.  Somehow, the import of spring at a duck pond temporarily escaped me, and I was not prepared for what I saw.  I mean, really, have you ever seen such ridiculous cuteness in your life?

Apparently there are no turtles in this pond.  Surely anyone who was attracted to this post by its title understands that reference and knows that turtles eat ducklings.

Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by adorable little balls of fluff and beautiful older ducks.  I couldn’t stop snapping shots, and ended up with way, way too many of them!

The ducks were remarkably trusting.  Sure, they were wary, but they allowed me to get fairly close before mama duck (or nanny duck, since I don’t think these babies could possibly all have the same mama) would shake her tail feathers and the ducklings would gather round and follow her away.

This one seems like such a proud mama, smiling as if she knows just how cute those babies are.  She let me come almost right up to her before calmly walking into the pond and swimming away.

The geese, however, were nowhere near as trusting.  They did not let me get as close, no matter how carefully I moved.  After getting hissed at, I learned to keep my distance and let the lens do the work for me.

This trio seemed to be the watchdogs for the geese, although I think they aren’t even the same type.  But that topknot just cracks me up!


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