Bucolic Florida

Florida might be the last place you would expect to see rolling farmland, but there is a surprisingly large amount of it.  Although the overall elevation is flat, with a maximum elevation of about 350′, quite a bit of it has gentle swells and valleys.  Now, you will never do any mountain climbing around here, and it really is hard to cobble together enough hills to really train for a race that takes place anywhere but Florida or Texas, but there are enough hills to give the terrain a little bit of interest.


It is amazing how much produce is farmed here in Florida.  Sure, we all know that Florida citrus is the best (although you’ll have a hard time finding it in a Florida grocery), but many of the strawberries you eat are from Florida, as well as carrots and lettuce.  There are cattle ranches and dairies, pecan and avocado orchards, and blueberry farms.  Almost anything can be grown here, and much of it is grown in Alachua County, where Florida’s richest soil can be found.  Sure the beaches are beautiful, but Florida was built on farming.

It is not at all uncommon to see a tractor rolling down a road, slowing traffic.  This one happens to be mowing the grass along the side of the road, so it was out of the way, but most of them ride on the roadway.  Sure, they can be a bother, since we all feel like we have somewhere else we need to be, but I’d rather be slowed down by a tractor than to do without the farmers.


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