In and around the lake

The whole state of Florida seems to be on fire right now, with more than 90 wildfires burning.  One of them is not far from here and is sending copious amounts of smoke to our area.  This severely limits my outside time, since it is pretty thick at times.  That means sticking close to home again, and missing out on some of the most beautiful weather this area has ever seen.

On the way down there, I noticed that my neighbor’s magnolia tree had a bloom on it.  It was a little high up, but I tried to capture it anyway.  The effect of the flower against the sky is interesting; since the flower is so bright, the rest of the image is underexposed and dark.  While I love the way this looks, the sky wasn’t really that shade of blue.

Maybe I am the only person around who would post a picture of poison ivy (or oak or sumac) on a blog about things that make them happy, but since it doesn’t bother me at all, and it looks really pretty growing around the tree, here it is.  The Spanish moss is just a bonus.

The water sparkled and danced with the wind today, breaking up the reflections into watery patterns.

Sparks of gold floated on the lake today.  Probably just fallen leaves, but they looked like dancing sparks with the wind stirring up the water.


It seems to me that boats scream out to be pictorialized, whether they are small or large.  A neighbor’s canoe sat near the lake, screened by palm stars, with a chair nearby.  Just one chair, as if someone might have been keeping the boat company.

And speaking of chairs, these two, facing the water, one turned slightly toward the other, seem to have a poignant story to tell.


3 thoughts on “In and around the lake

  1. Nice post 🙂 I like your take on things and the stories they tell.
    Nice shot of the Magnolia, by the way! I’ve had many photos where the sky turns out a different colour than what it was in real, but they turn out good sometimes 😀

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