Broken flowers

After all these months, yesterday was the first post I really missed.  Sure, I’ve been a few minutes late here and there, so there have technically been days I missed, but yesterday’s post is more than a few minutes late.  It is missing.  And I’m not likely to post an extra today to make up for it.

You see, I have just gotten home from a night spent at the ER with my son who was hit from behind by a car while he was walking in the grass alongside a road with a bike lane.  He’s not seriously injured, but is still in pain.  And the person who did it to him was too cowardly or drunk to even care.
As we left the ER and waited for my husband to pick us up, I looked down at the sidewalk and saw these smashed and broken flowers.  They summed up how I feel pretty well; bright spots on bleak pavement.  Even though the hit and run was awful, my boy is going to be okay.  When my husband pulled up, I grabbed my point and shoot camera that was in the car and snapped a few shots.

Then as we headed off, we turned to the east and I saw the rising sun.  That’s not a sight I see often, unless, like today, it is from staying up all night.  As you can see, my windshield needs cleaning, but the sunrise through the smoke was beautiful.  Oh yeah, did I mention there are fires burning all around me right now?  The smoke makes for pretty light at dawn and dusk, but its effects on lungs is not so nice.


4 thoughts on “Broken flowers

  1. That is such a terrible thing to happen to your son ! It’s odd as there is a new commercial out about a car that brakes itself when you’re backing up to not hit something. Shows a little boy and his toys. I hope your son will be okay.

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