A girl and her bunny

Last year my daughter got a bunny for her birthday.  She had been asking for one since she was about 2, so I decided it was time.  She loves her bunny, and since tomorrow is Easter, I thought this would be a good day to take some photos of the bunny.

It’s probably too late for this, but please, if you are thinking of getting anyone a bunny as an Easter gift, don’t do it unless they are mature enough to take care of it and really, really want it.  Bunnies live about 15 years, and need care that whole time.  They will chew on everything, so it is best for them if they are caged whenever you won’t be able to keep a good eye on them.  Unless they are handled from infancy, they aren’t likely to be particularly friendly.  They tend to be messy creatures who don’t really care an awful lot where they poop and where they eat.  In short, they really aren’t easy care, friendly little pets.

Of course, if the person you want to give a bunny to loves them and is old enough to take care of them, they can be very rewarding creatures.  They are amazingly soft and cute and will actually bond with a human.  They can get along with dogs and cats, although this should take place under supervision.  And bunny-crazed girls actually can learn to take good care of them.


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