April showers bring white flowers

Magnolia buds are preparing to burst into bloom across the street from my house.  I love the lemony scent and the waxy feel of the blooms, probably more than I like the look of the flowers themselves.  That’s saying a lot, since I do love the big, white blooms of a magnolia.

A little way down the street, more white buds are preparing to bloom on a hedge in front of another neighbor’s yard.  These delicate little blossoms are so perfect against the dark green foliage.  I can hardly wait until the whole shrubbery bursts into bloom.

Several times I have posted photos of these flowers, without naming them.  Well, I found out what it is, and for not knowing earlier, I have proven what a very poor southerner I make.  This is jasmine, which I only figured out by walking past some in Lowes the other day.  As soon as I saw that, I realized that I should have recognized them by their scent right away.  Apparently, bumblebees like the scent as well.

Not all the flowers are white.  This one I know and love for its bright colors.  This is Lantana, and I would have a yard full of it if I could find the kind I really love, with pink and yellow and blue blossoms.  It grows wild, but I cannot find it in a garden center or nursery like that.  My favorite part of the image is that little striped caterpillar.


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