Let’s salsa!

Today I put in my salsa garden in a little spot in the back yard.  It’s nowhere near as exciting and pretty as the mojito+ garden in the front yard, but I’m happy with it.  Just in case it shows, the redneck fence around it right now will not stay there.  The dogs wanted to dig with me, so an interim fence was erected.

Jalapenos and bell peppers went in first.  In the garden, I know which is which from where they are planted, but I can’t tell the difference between the two of them in photos.

Tomatoes went in next.And in the back corner,

I put the Mexican sage from the old garden in the front.  It may be past saving, and it isn’t really good for eating, but it’s pretty enough to give it a shot.

The onions and garlic and cilantro are all starting from seeds, so you can’t see them yet.  I had to put in some marigolds to help keep pests out.

After putting it all in an photographing it, I turned around to see one of my red roses blooming bountifully and glowing in the sun.


4 thoughts on “Let’s salsa!

  1. I love your idea of a salsa and mojito garden 🙂 Good luck, hope you can soon harvest the fruits of your labor and enjoy chips & salsa with a mojito on your patio.

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