Tugging on my Hart Springs

After all the work we’ve been doing, I decided it was time for a day off, so we headed back to Hart Springs again.  The water has cleared up quite a bit, and some of the construction has been completed, so it was even nicer today than last time we went.  And with record highs expected, that cold water was very appealing!

But of course, I couldn’t just spend my time in the water.  The boardwalk beckoned, as did my camera, so off I went to see what I could see.

With a little care and quiet walking, I was able to see so many turtles on logs!  Somehow I have come to love turtles, a creature I never really thought about before.  They tend to be very shy though, and apparently have very good hearing, so it’s harder to capture them than you might think.  As I walked along, I would hear them before I could see them, plopping off their logs into the water.  Sometimes, if I waited a few minutes, they would climb back up.

Even though I caught a few singles here, it seems that the turtles often like to split off into groups of three.

Every gator I have come across before has been perfectly content to be seen and photographed, but this guy jumped off into the water before I could get close enough to really see his face.  Once in the water, though, I got the face shot I was after.

Reflections in the smooth Santa Fe River are enchanting.  It’s almost impossible to see where the river begins, even without the camera.  It looks like this lily pad is just floating in space, while the heron’s branch is reflected back in the smooth water.

On the other side of the boardwalk, trees abound, providing cooling shade and wonderful views.  The bald cypresses and their knees never fail to interest me, and who could resist this majestic oak with its coat of ferns?


4 thoughts on “Tugging on my Hart Springs

  1. Really nice photos today. And I have the same problem with turtles. They must have incredible hearing, because they almost always plop into the water before I get close. They’re surprisingly fast too.

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