Yesterday at the springs was wonderful, but today I had to get back to reality.  Which meant that I let time slip by again and ended up visiting the lake again.  It’s a good thing I have a pretty lake in my neighborhood or this blog would be impossible for me!

No alligators or birds of prey showed up today, but the lake was smooth and very reflective today, and again I found myself captivated by what those reflections could reveal.  While I often try to look up to get photos, there’s something in the reflections that can’t quite be captured otherwise.

I love the way the two lighter trees bracket the green, and seeing them doubled in the water makes it even better.  This is where the anhingas often hang out, but they weren’t around today.

There is no way I could get an image of clouds like this directly, which is one of the things I love about reflections.  They also give me the opportunity to keep more of an image in focus, since the only focal plane the camera has to worry about is the water.  The reflection itself is all in focus.

I was very happy with this image of a brown anole, because he looks so pretty, but then my son told me that he’s an invasive species.  Apparently they eat the native green anoles and other native species.  So if you see any of these guys in Florida or Georgia or South Carolina, send them back to the Bahamas where they belong.


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