There’s a garden in my car!

One of the projects I’ve been working on is my yard.  Yard work is not my favorite thing to do at all, and my years in school combined with my husband’s surgeries have led to a neglected yard.  So now that I am home, I am working on getting it back in shape, and this is the project that actually is making me happy to live here.

Yesterday I really started working on the little garden in front of my house.  It’s kind of an odd shape in kind of an odd place and I really haven’t known what to do with it.  I’ve looked around at what my neighbors have done with their little gardens and haven’t really seen what I wanted.  But as I was in the grocery store the other day buying limes and mint, the perfect idea came to mind.  A mojito garden!  I live in Florida!  Limes grow in Florida!  Mint grows in Florida!  Not only do they grow here, but they are both low maintenance and beautiful.  And delicious!

So, I pulled out all the strange plants that my husband and my son had planted in the little garden and went out to buy mint and a lime tree.  Of course, I got to Home Depot, and their 6-packs of annuals were on sale, and my daughter wanted flowers, so we got some marigolds and Impatiens and Dianthus and petunias and chocolate mint and spearmint.  However, no lime tree.  That will have to wait.

I was all set to just plant those flowers, but my husband told me that I had to roto-till it.  And add cow poop.  And roto-till again.

Finally, I got to put it all in the ground, with a nice empty space for the lime tree that will come later.  And I learned a few lessons.  First of all, when gardening, it makes no sense to clean the walk before roto-tilling.  Second, don’t tell your husband what you are doing when you want to just plant stuff.  And third, trail shoes are really not good for gardening in unless you really like sweeping.  Or think that clods of dirt on the floor make nice decorations.

IMPORTANT AND URGENT UPDATE:  I have found and planted my lime tree!


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