Red roses, too

Roses are a bit difficult for me, because although they are beautiful and come out well in photos, but they tend to be a little trite.  I mean, they always look good, so they show up everywhere!  It’s pretty hard to come up with original ways of showing something that is so frequently photographed.  There is a tendency for roses to look fake when photographed, because they are so perfect.  It doesn’t matter what type of weather there is, either, because raindrops on roses really look just as fake as dry roses do.  So as much as I love them, I have avoided putting many of my roses on here.

But then I realized, I’m supposed to be writing about what makes me happy in Florida, not just showing original photos.  Well, my roses make me happy.  The previous owners planted these in the back yard, and despite my black thumb, they grow.  Every once in a while I will look out in the back yard and see one blooming at an odd time, like on Christmas or in the middle of January.  It always makes me smile when I see one.

Now that the weather is warm, they are full of blooms.  And now that I’ve looked at them all on the same day, I realize that they aren’t all the same type of rose.  I never noticed that before, I just knew they were red.  Except one of them isn’t really red, but more of a hot pink.  It really isn’t very similar to any of the other roses out here, so I don’t know how I missed the difference before.

Looking at the beauty in my own back yard never fails to amaze me.  In so many areas of the country, people work on their roses year round to coax a few blooms out of them, but here these roses just bloom while I ignore them.  That’s exactly the kind of gardening I like the best.  So even though these images are a bit trite, I love them.


7 thoughts on “Red roses, too

  1. It always ammazes me when these rose bushes bloom. Neither one of us ever, and I mean ever, adds soil amendments, fertilizers, bug sprays or dusts. I don’t think anyone has ever purposely water them. The only time they get trimmed is when I cut off a few to give to Pegi. And despite the neglect, the are growing just beautifully.

  2. I loved this post. I often have the same problem of over thinking the fact that maybe this photo or that photo isn’t original enough, or artistic enough. It is nice to remember that I blog to make me happy, and if other’s enjoy it as well that is great. So thank you for reminding me. Your roses are lovely by the way.

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