What a Lark!

An ordinary afternoon errand became something much more interesting when I pulled up to the local (kind of) high school and saw this Studebaker Lark. Now, I really like older cars, but the only ones I really know much about are the Pontiac (and by extension, Chevy, Buick & Olds) muscle cars.  That means that while I really like this Studebaker, I can’t tell you what year it is, or what engine it has in it.

Larks have not been made since 1966, so this car is at least 45 years old, and looks perfect.  Whether it was beautifully restored or just carefully kept for the last 45 years, I don’t know, but either way, I can appreciate a car like this.


2 thoughts on “What a Lark!

  1. Exquisite! I too love classic cars but, like you, don’t know anything about specs. I just know beauty when I see it and some are truly works of artistic design. So glad you caught this one.

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