Down by the lake


The last few days have been rather hectic around here, with broken bathrooms and the like, so I haven’t had the time to go on my trails and other adventures.  However, I did manage to make it down to the lake, where I stopped and looked at my neighbor’s hedge.  Actually, I’m not sure “hedge” is the right word as it is made of several types of vines growing over a fence (at least I think there’s a fence in there).  One of the vines is honeysuckle, which I recently featured in a post.  The one that is getting ready to bloom now has a white flower.  The buds are even prettier than the flower, I think.

Usually I stand on the dock to take my lake photos, because it is easy to see everything from the dock, and because I know I’m allowed there.  The lake is beautiful from the dock, but even I get bored seeing it the same way all the time, so I tried a few different vantage points.  The first one is from the dock, but leaning over the railing to get the leaves in it.  I chose to focus on the tree and let the lake go out of focus.

Then I walked along the shore to see if there was another way to frame it.  I usually don’t do that because it’s really hard to tell what is common area and what is private yard.  If I did step into a private yard, nobody seemed to mind.

As you can see, I went down there as evening was falling, so there is a little pink to the sky.  Nothing like yesterday’s bright sunset with the wild clouds, but enough of a color change to see it.  Each way of framing the lake gives a different character.  The palm fronds make it look so wild and tropical, which I guess it is, kind of, but not really.  It is a lake in the suburbs, even if it does have an alligator in it.

Sometimes when I look at my photos, I understand why people think Florida is such a paradise.  There is something terribly exotic and inviting in the layers of foliage and the reflections of the trees in the lake.

The Tarzan vine wrapped around this tree always captures my eye, but I have not been successful at capturing it.  The tree is brown, the vine is brown, and it just never comes out looking like much.  Now that it’s spring, though, the leaves have come out to give it a bit more color and contrast.  The warmth of tonight’s sunset helps bring out the different colors, and the angle of the sun highlights the textures of the trunk and vine.   The lushness of the background helps as well.


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