The sky is burnin’

Everything I had thought of writing about today went right out the window when I looked out and saw the colors of the sky changing this evening.

Sure there was a gator in the lake tonight, hanging out and not being at all bothered by the rain.

And there was a beautiful blossom on a little tree in my neighbor’s yard that was made even prettier by the raindrops clinging to its leaves.

Oh, and a little turtle swimming around in the lake.

Even a hawk flying along against the sky as it began to color in the sunset.

But none of these compared to the sky layered with quickly moving clouds as the sun burned orange behind them.  Each layer of clouds seemed to be moving in a different direction and at a different speed, creating a swirling effect.  The air seemed thick with color that could not be contained, but the sky itself looked like it was on fire!

Remember what this view looked like yesterday, when it was raining in the afternoon?  If you don’t, just look back at Here comes the rain again from yesterday. Almost the same shot, but see how the color of the light changes it so much?

That color was changing by the second, too.  The lower the sun, the redder the light and the more intense the fire effect seemed.

The buckets and trees silhouetted against the red sky look almost as if they had been consumed by flames, leaving only their skeletons behind.


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