Fractured reflections

Sometimes I like to look at things a little differently, like maybe upside down, or without my glasses.  It gives an interesting perspective on life.  Or at least on whatever it is you’re looking at.

I went down to my lake today, hoping to capture an alligator or some wading birds or something.  It was a nice day for lake watching since it hasn’t quite gotten summertime hot yet and there was a good breeze.  The lake was full of turtles, but they were all swimming around and didn’t really look like anything but lumps in the water.

There was also an otter, who posed nicely for his photo, but really was kind of an ugly creature.  I have also heard that they are vicious, and I can’t say I particularly like them.  So I didn’t post that photo.

What really struck me was the reflections in the rippled lake.  They look almost like what I see without my glasses, but clearer.  And upside down.  In any case, I love the way they came out, abstract, but still recognizable.


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