Wild, wild life

Well, maybe not so wild.  But lush and beautiful, with a little wild thrown in here and there.  Lush like this gorgeous wisteria cascade, and that wisteria bud, and wild like this dragonfly.  Dragonflies are so much better than butterflies.

The trail I took today is not really a park, as far as I know, but it is well-traveled with evidence that someone is maintaining it.  One of my first projects in architorture school was a house designed for this site and I thought it might be a fun place to check out again.

That project was my worst ever.  It was due on a Monday in early April and the air conditioning died in the building I was in.  The building had no opening windows, and we had record highs that weekend.  I couldn’t work at home, because my house is tiny and overcrowded.  So I worked in the studio in a building that we weren’t really supposed to be in, with Florida humidity.  For those of you who are thinking to yourselves, “how hot can it be in April?” the answer is VERY.  Upper 90s outside where there was a breeze, and very likely over 100 inside that studio.

And don’t believe for a second that I was alone in that overheated deathtrap of a studio.  Architorture means that everyone works all the time, no matter what the conditions are.  We were even chased away by the police because the conditions were deemed unsafe, but we went back in as soon as they were gone because we had deadlines to meet.  The humidity was what really did us in, though.  Our delicate bass wood sticks were warping from it, as was the chipboard, and the glue just was not drying well at all.  The models were destined to be disasters.

The shamrocks really don’t have a lot to do with this story, other than being on that trail.  I hope you will enjoy them anyway.  You probably would not enjoy pictures of the models, even if I were to dig some out.  Warped bass wood just does not make for a very pretty model.

Somehow, through all that, I actually wanted to revisit the area.  I really enjoyed stomping around the woods and getting to know the site, both for the architectural experience and for the site itself.  Trail, stream, woods, a little graffiti, what is there not to like?


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