The weird and the wonderful

As I walked along the trail at Morningside Nature Center today, the sun was shining brightly to remind me that spring is here.  The bright blue sky made it all the more obvious that new leaves are bursting out on all the trees now, pushing away the remnants of winter.  The oak leaves are almost flowerlike when they are small, although they soon will be much larger and tougher.

Like small messages of love, the leaves on this tree grow as hearts along the branches.  These will get much larger as the season advances, providing shade during the hotter months.  Although the leaves will become less distinct during that time, I will be more grateful for their protection from the sun.

The birds are out in full force as well, although I am still not fast enough to capture many of them.  This mockingbird was quite unafraid of me and my camera, though and watched me as I clicked away.  And there’s that sky again.

Even though much of what I saw today as I wandered the trail at Morningside was new and bright, there were signs of maturity and decay that fascinate me, like the holes in the fingers of this palm where they bend down to touch the earth.

Swirls of scars mix with new growth on this fire tinged tree trunk.  It looks almost as if the tree itself melted and was reformed in the fire.  But there are traces of brown mixed in with the grays, testifying to the fact that this tree is not yet dead.


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