Tree lace

As the moon rises in the early evening, before the sky deepens to black, the limbs of the trees stand out agains the sky, creating lacy patterns.  Intertwining branches work an intricate pattern around the moon hung in a purpling sky.

Reaching limbs toward the heavens, early leaves draw patterns in the sky as fine and light as lace.  Although rooted firmly in the earth, with branches upstretched in the evening light, even the grandest tree seems to yearn for the sky.

Meeting in the middle, trees inscribed on a lavender field greet each other with a twining embrace.  One is two and two are one, ends and beginnings wrapped up into one.

Orange and pink, the colors of Peter Max’s earliest dreams, with tree screen in front.  What lies behind the screen, promises of future days, or menace of the coming night?


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