Cloudy day walkabout

I have to admit that one thing I absolutely love about Florida is the storms.  We never got the rain today (although we have had some in the past week), but it was cloudy and windy and wonderful.  Something in the air was wild feeling, making me a bit restless.  Everything I wanted to do one minute, I did not want to do the next.  That means that the farthest I ever got was a walk around the block.

The lake of course was the first stop.  The same cast of characters was there today as I saw yesterday, so I didn’t take pictures of the creatures, but the lake itself!  Beauteous beyond belief!  The water was a bright green, the sky was a roiling gray, and the light was just perfect.  This is one of those days that I really wish we’d gone ahead and bought the house with structural issues that backs onto the lack so I could just sit in my back yard and stare at it all day.

Alas, I just wasn’t up to the work that it would have required.

Around the corner they are building a new phase to our subdivision.  It seems a little odd to me that they should have chosen now, 20 years after the first phase was built, with home sales still very low, but someone decided it is time.  They have these pipes laying out, all in rows, all similar, but not quite exactly the same.  They fit the gray, gray mood of the day.

There are a couple of trees in my neighborhood that I love.  One is this fan palm that I usually see at night with the street light shining behind it.  One of these days I will take that shot, because it is worth seeing, but today I have just the glowing light of the sun behind it.  Another one of my favorites is this sycamore, which always looks like a dream in silhouette.  It reminds me of Jan Pienkowski’s illustrations, and I always want to try to draw it myself, perhaps highlighted here and there with a bit of gold.

My out-of-control pink rose bush doesn’t have any fresh blossoms today, but among the hips and the buds, there is this single dying bloom.  It never fully opened before last week’s cold snap, and now is fading and drying right on the bush.  As much as I love fresh roses, I think I like dried ones even more.

And while we’re on the subject of flowers, I love how the grey skies today made the contrast of the bright pink azaleas even more startling.


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