Peaceful reflections

My lake, the one I have pictured several times before, the one that inspired my house purchase, fills my soul with peace.  Today was a busy day, with too much talking, too much driving and just too much to do, so when I got a chance, I grabbed my camera and went down to just be at the lake.

As always, being there calmed me, and I found beauty to document that really meant something to me.  One of the things that made me happiest was the cool breeze that was blowing in.  While I cannot show you the cold, I did capture the rippled lake that shows the breeze.  I was thrilled when a turtle popped his head up out of the water as I was shooting this.

 Southern Living may show plenty of grand oak trees that drip with Spanish moss, but I’ve never seen bare trees covered with Spanish moss within their pages.  Spanish moss has always been one of my favorite things, so I love how clearly I can see it when there are no leaves.  The long strands hanging down look almost like rain.  Most of all, I love that there are bare trees, that there is still a possiblity for some cold weather.


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