Stars & stripes

Nope, I’m not giving you a bunch of patriotic pictures today.  I just kept seeing stars and stripes everywhere I went.  Mostly in green and brown, like this one with the tree as a stripe that has a glowing green palm star behind it.

For the record, the term “palm star” is not an official term, I just use it because that’s what they look like.  There are many, many different kinds of palms, which I am not very good at identifying, and a lot of them have star-like fronds.

Here is a whole bunch of them, with trees striping through them.  Mother Nature was so brilliant in choosing green and brown to be her most prevalent colors.  The look wonderful together, especially when the sun hits the palm fronds just right so that they glow against the brown.

When you see these palms in gardens, the spikes have almost always been removed.  It makes sense to remove them when you might want to maximize yard space, or if you’re worried about someone running into them, but they are much more interesting when they are left long and dangerous looking!

I love the starry look of this leaf.  I guess I could just say I love leaves in general, because they are wonderful things with their skeletal structure and ability to synthesize food for a whole tree.  They provide shade to help keep things cool, and they provide shelter to birds and other small animals, and all the while they look absolutely lovely doing it.  This one has lived its life already, but is still so beautiful, like a star made of lace.

A dried out papery palm star has a similar beauty, especially with the Tarzan vine snaking its way across the same trunk.  Who knew that such a conglomeration of browns could all be so beautiful together?

A funny thing about me is that I absolutely hate fake things parading as real.  I don’t like fake stone tile or countertops or walls.  I want the things we use to be what they are.  Yet, when I walk around and look at all nature has to offer, I love finding things that look like something else to me.  These fungi on a log that look like an underwater scene are absolutely wonderful because they look like something else.  Now, these have nothing to do with today’s theme of stars and stripes, but I love them anyway.

My favorite image today was this polka-dotted tree with fungus steps growing off it. I guess I could try to stretch the theme and call the dots stars and the trunk a stripe, but no, I see polka dots.


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