Sweetwater zen

Spring in Sweetwater trails
Sweet with cherry blossoms
On leafless tree limbs

Leaves, buds together
White flower, dark branch, green leaf
Spring in January

Ah, yellow flower
Twined in small white blossoms
Herald early season

Fallen feather tells
Foreboding tale of danger
Animal attack

Ivory on dark
Trees and living lichens grow
Showing us the way

Pinecone opening
Seeds scattered on forest floor
Future of the trees

Ah, Sweetwater Preserve
Gainesville, Florida inspires
Poetry succinct

Disclaimer:  I am not now, nor do I ever expect to be an expert in haiku.  But today’s pictures demanded that I try.


One thought on “Sweetwater zen

  1. It’s great to find a blogger in Gainesville ! I grew up there and frequently go down and visit. I recently posted about Cross Creek, Micanopy and Cedar Key – your neck of the woods. Look forward to seeing your shots on your ventures around hogtown.

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