Florida Gators!

Well, really just one Florida gator.  And not a particularly beautifully photographed one, either.  Through a series of unfortunate events that include a child having to be somewhere right when I planned to be photographing the bats, my failure to charge my battery last night and leaving my short lens at home, I didn’t get all the shots I wanted.  But I did get this gator at Lake Alice on the UF campus.

The Baughman Center chapel was one of the things I went out to shoot today.  It’s a pretty little place that was supposed to be designed by Fay Jones, an architect known for the Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  He backed out, or someone didn’t want to pay him, or something like that, so it this chapel was designed to look as much like one of his as possible.  Unfortunately, it was a little too dark inside this evening for me to get the photos I’d like.  And there was that pesky little issue of my lens.

My main focus was going to be the bats.  UF has a bat house on campus, across from Lake Alice, and every night, people gather to see the bats fly out of the house.    Unfortunately, I couldn’t stick around long enough to capture them.  And my battery had died anyway.  So I took a shot of this tree full of birds.


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