Is there any better feeling than ditching the watch and the maps and just running in the middle of nature?  This morning, I woke up with the urge and the time to do just that.  Gainesville is full of trails, so the hardest question was which trail?  MJ suggested San Felasco park, the free one, not the state one, and out we went, me with my trail shoes, her with her bike.  Oh, and my camera.  Not that I would run with my camera, but if I want to capture pictures of what I love in Florida, I need my camera when I go to do something I love, right?

I could hear someone singing drunkenly in the welcome center this morning.  Whether it was a leftover drunk from last night, or a pre-church drunk from this morning, I’m not sure.

The trails around here are amazing.  Some are gouged out by bikers and hikers, some are maintained by the state, some by the city.  On all of them, there is always a very real possibility of running into a little wildlife.  I’ve run across alligators, rabbits, deer, armadillos, possums, turkeys and turkey vultures.  On one lonely trail, I saw a very large paw print in the mud and turned around and went back home.  Today didn’t reveal any wildlife other than mosquitoes, but the flora alone is worth seeing.

MJ gets a head start on the trail.


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